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    Matcha Tea Haus is the creation of sister duo Sam & Shaneel, lovers of tea & all things health & wellness. Holidaying together back in 2015 they discovered Matcha – the amazing, antioxidant rich, finely ground green tea powder. Not only did they love and reap the health benefits of matcha, but they discovered how much clarity & focus they could obtain with their new found daily ritual of preparing & enjoying their tea. It is an experience that uses all the senses, allowing them to be present & in the moment. Something that we could all do more of. Matcha Tea Haus was created with this very notion in mind. Taking a few moments each day, on your own, to be present. After all why meditate, if you can matcha-tate?



    We believe that matcha tea is the perfect accompaniment to your modern life. Whether you’re a mum, an office worker or a fitness enthusiast matcha is mother natures gift to all. Matcha is about more than drinking a healthy cup of green tea, it offers up an opportunity to be present. To collect our thoughts. To stimulate the senses. To give us the best start to our day, every day.



    At Matcha Tea Haus we only stock JAS certified organic produce. Both our Ceremonial and Everyday blends of organic matcha have no additives and are made of 100% Japanese green tea powder.

    Our Ceremonial Blend of matcha is sourced from organic tea growers in the Uji region – revered as the tea capital of Japan its rich soil and slopping hills produce some the world best matcha. The ceremonial grade tea is blended from only the finest of leaves that have been picked from the first harvest of the season. Tea from the first harvest is rich in both l-theanine and chlorophyll which gives it both a sweeter and more mellow taste.

    Our Everyday Blend of matcha is sourced from organic tea growers in the Kagoshima region of Japan, an area that is famed for its mild weather and rich and fertile soil. Our everyday blend is perfect for smoothies, lattes and cooking as it has a stronger and more robust flavour that holds when mixed with other ingredients.